Solutions, Ideas, Positive Talk

The Palm Beach Post has been saying its goodbyes to numerous columnists, reporters, and very important people who have worked very hard for many years to put out a newspaper in Palm Beach County.  Emily Minor said good-bye in her column this morning.  But, she is not alone.

Last night, a large group of people gathered to offer farewell and best wishes to Emily, Hap Erstein, Sharon McDaniel, Jan Norris, several reporters, and numerous others who are the unsung heroes of the newsroom.  To be kind, we should say, “good stories about each” were offered, but some may call it “roasting.”  Nevertheless, it was an honor to be present as these wonderful people were given recognition by their peers.

It was fun.  It was spontaneous.  It was interesting.  A reminder of the days at Syracuse University.  The Daily Orange.  The journalism spirit evident when attending graduate classes (electives for non-majors) at the Newhouse School of Communications.  The language.  The wit.  The sharp tongues.  All a reminder of those days and the people with their experiences – many moons ago. 

Good luck.  Best wishes to all who created the personality of The Post over the past two decades. 

And in the midst of it all, a child was born.


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